Sending money and making payments at MenaPay merchants are easy and transactions happen in seconds with Menapay. You can choose different alternatives like QR code, wire transfer or credit card for your payments at merchants.  Enjoy limitless and worldwide peer-to-peer transactions  by QR code, email, phone number or just username.

Financial Solutions

Tokenized Stocks

MenaPay offers you investing in the most valuable stocks listed on global exchanges. No physical procedure is required. Buying/selling tokenized stocks is one click away with MenaPay.  Join the digital experience!

Digital Assets

Manage your digital assets with MenaPay SuperApp. MenaPay offers you a user-friendly application to invest in different digital assets easily. You can buy, sell and store digital assets in your MenaPay wallet.


MenaPay offers staking option for different digital assets. You can easily stake with different alternatives of periods and earn with MenaPay SuperApp.

Digital Products

MenaPay offers a digital marketplace where you can buy hundreds of different game codes, e-pins and digital products’ coupons.  You can buy with just one click and enjoy!



You can donate your favorite streamers and collect your donations with integrated Twitch application of MenaPay! Just  connect your Twitch account to your MenaPay SuperApp and enjoy transactions with your personalized QR code. Donations during live streaming is available on the video screen by MenaPay!

Social Store

Social Store is open to all social media influencers. You can add your social media accounts and products/services to Social Store, and reach your followers easily. You can have a showcase of your services and collect your payments with social store by MenaPay.


MPAY Token

The  MenaPay  Platform’s  token “MPAY Token”  is ERC-20 based Utility Token. You can buy/sell MPAY Token on MenaPay Application.For more details you can take a look at MenaPay Whitepaper.

Green Mining

Green Mining is the unique system offered by menaPay under its own trademark. MenaPay platform users are rewarded by Green Mining programme of MenaPay. You can read more details on MenaPay Whitepaper.